Staging your Home

The presentation of your home will be one of the biggest selling features. By taking the time to stage your home, you will be able to bring light to the strengths of your home and downplay some of its weaknesses. This can help your home appeal to the greatest number of prospective buyers. 

The initial and probably the most work in the staging process will happen right at beginning when you start talking to your realtor. This will include decluttering, cleaning and doing a few small renovations and touch ups where needed. This will get your home ready for the picture taking process, which is crucial, as your pictures will be the biggest marketing strategy that will be used in selling your home. The staging process continues after the pictures, when you will be staging for open houses and for showings.

We have attached a checklist for both the initial staging process, and a checklist for open houses & showings. 

If you would like a PDF version of either of these Checklists sent to you, please just let us know and we will send one your way!