When you make the decision to move, the planning and preparation start!

Here is a handy checklist of major items you should tackle before you move.

60 Days Before You Move or As Soon As Possible!

  • If using a moving company or needing to store your items after you move, start getting some quotes!
  • Determine and start accumulating packing supplies: boxes, wrapping paper & bubble wrap, packing tape and plastic furniture wrap 
  • Designate a room/location in your home where you will start storing and organizing your moving items
  • Start going through your items: use up, sell, recycle or donate anything you don't want to move
  • If moving to a new community, start researching: look up schools, extra curricular activities, service providers like dentists & doctors, etc.


30 Days Before You Move 

  • Get a head start on any packing and cleaning that you can: pack anything you will not need before you move
  • Make the arrangements to connect and disconnect your TV, internet, electricity, gas and any other services you currently use and arranged for service at your new home.
  • Contact your insurance company to transfer or change any home insurance policies from your current residence to your new one
  • Make some simple labels to attach to all moving boxes. Include: Items inside, location in the home, fragile, heavy, comments. This will help make sure all items are treated and relocated in your new home appropriately
  • Contact or visit your local Post Office to obtain a Change of Address form.
  • Start providing a change of address to schools, banks, health care providers, credit cards, cell phone provider, service providers and other type of subscriptions you may have


1 Week Before You Move

  • Finish up last of the packing
  • Go through the "Move Out Cleaning Checklist"
  • Get together all keys, alarm codes and garage door openers and place them in a folder so that you can be prepared to hand them over to the new owner or real estate agent
  • This is a good time to start planning quick and easy meals that use up the remaining food in your refrigerator so that it does not go to waste, and also allow you to pack some kitchen items
  • Put together a moving day kit with items you will need during the final packing and when you get to your new home. These items include toilet paper, snacks, bottled water, dishes, toiletries, towels, a few days’ worth of clothes.


Moving Day and the 1st Few Days in Your New Home

  • Make sure to go throuhg each room of your place to make sure everything is clean and move out.
  • Do the walkthrough with your real estate agent. Make sure everything’s where it should be. Also ask for appliance manuals and such.
  • In your new home, label each room door to help movers distinguish where to move your items (based on your labels that you attached to your boxes)
  • Arrange for some food to be brought in on moving day. You will probably not have the time or energy to make some. 
  • Make sure you check the fire extinguishers, fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your new home
  • Update your address for your Drivers License and Service Canada

Moving Clean-Out Checklist

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